Engaging youth in positive activities

According to USAID Youth engagement is a term that can be interpreted in many ways. Some define it as simply enrolling young people as program beneficiaries; however, the organizations included in this review involved youth in more meaningful ways, such as through decision-making, program design, policy making and advocacy efforts. Some of the roles young people have taken on as staff and volunteers include participating as board members, trainers, lobbyists, and correspondents.

Seven Successful Youth Engagement Approaches.

  1. Youth councils. We need to have youth councils both in Government Organization level
  2. Youth governance. Youth have to supported in spear heading groups and encouraged to develop efforts that nurture healthy adolescents.
  3. Youth serving on boards. We have to consider establishing a youth position in our organisations
  4. Youth voice. We have to build youth groups that express themselves, voice out their ideas, and provide input for community projects.
  5. Youth advocacy.
    We need to create a platform were youth can speak out on issues affecting adolescent health, such as texting, later start times in schools, tobacco use, or healthy eating, and to advocate for themselves and their needs
  6. Youth service. Young people have to participate in service projects
    so that they can feel connected to their community.
  7. Youth organizing. We need to encourage youth to comeup with initiative that brings them together with their peers for a cause related to adolescent and young adult health.