At this time Uganda is secured, security is tight making it safe for visits. Uganda hosts many refugees as well making its security good.

Working together with us will make attain experience of working with the local people down here in the Village. It could as well help you build on your dream carrier of working with the Vulnerable and so many other privileges.

Yes we do. And we serve our sweet local food not western this include fish, beans, rice, vegetables,posho,Matooke, Irish Potatoes, sweet potatoes, beef, goat meat etc. But if you would like to have the western food we good tourist restaurants like Windsor Hotel Pakwach, Global village, Bwana Tembo, Nile Treatz Beach Resort and many others that serve western foods.
You can come along with your clothes, money for your daily use with in town.
We have programs running out through the year. All you have to do is apply according to that which is in line with your perfect schedule.
Pakwach is a beautiful place with sweet loving people. It is the home of 2013 hybrid Eclipse. River Nile flows just besides her from Albert Nile to Egypt. and the beautiful Murchison falls which is just the other side of the river.Come witness what we are talking about You book with our tour company Eclipse Safaris
Oh yes. Pakwach is located just along River Nile.of which on her easter side is the beautiful Murchison Falls National Park, and the rive Nile in between Pakwach and the Murchisons. In the morning you see the beautiful sun raise . We as well the 2013 Eclipse monument site just a few miles away from us. It takes about 15 – 30 mins depending on the speed you are driving at.
And so many other interesting tourism attraction sites.

Yes. You must consult your doctor on which vaccinations you will need. For some vaccinations you need to have the “course” of injections over a number of weeks so be sure to go and see your doctor a well in advance of your departure date. Yellow Fever is mandatory for entering Uganda and you could be asked to show the certificate.

As malaria is strongly prevalent in Uganda you will also need anti-malarials. There are several different options so you must consult your doctor on which ones you should take.

This really depends on what you do, where you eat, the activities you want to try, how much you drink etc. It is important to note that most people under estimate how much they will spend so we advise having a small contingency pot for those little extras you’ve not accounted for. Please budget your living costs separately from your donation to Twelvegates Foundation in case you would like to donate.
Otherwise other additional Costs to Consider are: Flights and Insurance. (The earlier you book your flight the cheaper your ticket tends to be).

Our local currency in Uganda is Ugandan Shillings (UGX) and is the currency used day to day. Unfortunately UGX is a closed currency and therefore cannot be purchased prior to your arrival in Uganda. You will be informed by any exchange bureaus that you need US Dollar (USD) for Uganda. Unfortunately this is misleading and rather untrue – you can bring British Pounds, Euros and Australian Dollars all of which can be changed here and will save you losing money on exchanging GBP to USD to UGX.

ATM machines are widely accessible and by far the easiest way to access money here. You must remember to let you bank know that you are coming to Uganda. We do advise traveling with a bit of cash in case your ATM card doesn’t work immediately. Travellers cheques are more trouble than they are worth.

NOte This: If you are bringing US dollars make sure that they are large denominations ($50 and $100) as you will get a poor exchange rate for lower value notes. Please bring US dollars dated 2009 and above. Most banks and exchange bureaus here do not accept dollars dated before 2009.

Most big activities will be priced in USD but you can pay for everything in UGX it’s just that the companies pricing activities in USD will charge a UGX equivalent based on the exchange rate that day and it will tend to be in their favour! It can therefore be advisable to bring some money with you in USD.

Most of our food is Organic and delicious. The staple food is cassava and millet flour. Fish is common source cause of we are close to river Nile.

As per the western foods, we have Windsor Hotel, Nile Treatz Resort Beach where the white people eat from. So have variety.

We have a number of activities going on. We have Community reach out. Training the youth in different fields, we have lecture time with our local Adungu songs ( traditional songs and many more interesting things.
It depends on the activity you want to. we dont encourage you to do that if you need any other activity outside the organization’s then you have to inform us so that we can help you arrange. If you are interested in wild tours we have a tour company that can arrange the kind of activity you need.
If you are interested in game drives in Murchison falls we can do that at an extra cost which is of the company. Please include that in the volunteer form.

Yes you can with our tour company Succseed Safaris, We can arrange for you any tour trip that you need within our country. Please visit Eclipse Safaris for more on the packages we have

You can donate anything in your capacity. You can donate clothes,shoes, books, farm tools, Computers, Finances of any amount that your spirit is joyous of. We don’t take any kind of donation with twisted intention. please mark that.
Please go to donation page and see how to donate
We kindly ask you to at least create time even once in a year and come on the ground for the savor, Come see whats going on. Thats the only way out. Videos cant satisfy you because even the Internet fraud stars are smarter than the genuine guys.
So please create time and visit us. you don’t have inform us for such a reason you can just make a surprise attack when you are already in the country and go on.

Yes.Christianity is the largest, followed by Islam which is a small percentage. Therefore people are calm as they go by the voice of the LORD. We dont have religious fights everyone is at peace and the name of JESUS CHRIST is known to about 98% including Muslims. We go by the status of God Most High.

Moral behavior is a very important topic to talk of. Moral values are highly considered We have a few exception more especially amongst the young people which has led to high number of school dropout.

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