Girl Child In West Nile

Empower The Women

Who a West Nile Woman is

Have  you seen how sweet mothers of West Nile suffer? If you didnt know, they are the four wheel drive of our community. She wakes up as early as 3 Am to make sure there is enough water for the family, prepare some food for the kids to eat before going to school, Then rush for the daily duty in the farm.

After farm work she has to get back early enough to to prepare lunch for the kids and other family members, then do other remaining duty. At this point she does all this single handedly.

Do pregnant women go through these as well ?

Yes, they do and for their case even worse for both teenage and adult pregnant mothers. The cry comes in when those who are reject have no one to help.

Teenage and adult pregnant mothers suffer.
Those who have no husband are left to the mercies of their parents otherwise
they have to go start life some where else which is stressful and leads to unhealthy
growth of the baby.

For those whose men accept them go through support challenge. Most West Nile men
don’t care that much for their wives especially when they are pregnant.

Therefore they are always struggling. This is because most of the village men don’t have proper
source of income.

Challenges Pregnant mothers go through

They suffer from love. Most men hardly show their wives love during pregnancy. Some men go looking for other women outside.

Nutrition problem. they are always eating one type of food. This is because they cant afford good food.

Some live in hard to reach areas meaning health facilities are hard to access. Therefore some end up missing antenatal programs.

For the teenagers once they get out of school no one think of taking them back to school, they become rejects.

Why Most Girls Drop Out Of School

There are so many challenges that lead to most of the girls to dropout, some  lack of school fees, lack of scholastic materials, lack of sanitary towels, fact is, some have never seen one, good bathing soap and ointment, Confusion from men, etc. They see as if life isn’t on their side.

Therefore we can do change this, you can contribute what your heart tells you.

When we empower a woman, life can change

How we can help the women

Twelvegates foundation we look at training and equipping women with hand on skills for self sustainability.

Small Business Ownership

After a very good business training , we can  help women invest In small businesses that they can earn generate daily income from.

You can help them with  small loans that they need. Even better, when the loan is paid off, your donated funds can be recycled to help more people in the community for make a greater impact.