Girl Child In West Nile

Empower The Women

Girl Child Education

Have  you seen how sweet mothers of West Nile suffer? They are the four wheel drive of the community. She wakes up as early as 3 Am to make sure there is enough water for the family, then prepare some food for the kids to eat before going to school, Then rush for the daily duty in the farm.

Surely  we have to empower them with education, business skills and startups. One good and perfect thing these women love their husbands, Nothing can draw them away from the love of their husband. So they can work together to become a great change agent.

They all have the same tears rolling “I wish I went to school”.

Why Most Girls Drop Out Of School

There are so many challenges that lead to most of the girls dropout, some are lack of school fees, lack of scholastic materials, lack of sanitary towels, fact is, some have never seen one, good bathing soap and ointment, Confusion from boys, having no lights for evening revision while home etc. They see as if life isn’t of their side.

Therefore we can do change this, you can contribute what your heart tells you.

Business Trainings

Twelvegates foundation we look at training and equipping women with hand on skills for self sustainability.

Small Business Ownership

After a very good business training , we can  help women invest In small businesses that they can earn generate daily income from.

You can help them with  small loans that they need. Even better, when the loan is paid off, your donated funds can be recycled to help more people in the community for make a greater impact.