Be aware of

Climate Change

Climate Change

According to UN Climate Change News, 27 October 2020 – Increasing temperatures and sea levels, changing precipitation patterns and more extreme weather are threatening human health and safety, food and water security and socio-economic development in Africa, according to a new report devoted exclusively to the continent.
Africa, despite its low contribution to greenhouse gas emissions, remains the most vulnerable continent. There is an increasing climate change threats for human health, food and water security and socio-economic development in Africa. We need adaptation measure to fight this.

Rising temperatures

The year 2019 was among the three warmest years on record for the continent. That trend is expected to continue. African temperatures in recent decades have been warming at a rate comparable to that of most other continents, and thus somewhat faster than global mean surface temperature.

What We Are Doing

Creating awareness about climate change in the community and encouraging local farmers to use the right farming methods and avoid that destroys the soil.

We invite all land expert volunteers to come through and help rebuild the land.

Planting Trees

We encourage community to plant trees.