Inspire me

Jesus Christ

Amazing Grace of God

The power in keeping your life in God can never be under looked. When the LORD is the strength of your life, nothing can put you down. For this knowledge is where we can find life. God blesses us with wisdom through His word and you can only know that through knowing His powerful Word.

We have therefore designed a program to empower the study of the Holy Word. We take it to schools and communities.

For all these years our community has lacked active youth group that can volunteer to teach others the word of God which is the source of all good morals We want every one to enjoy the love of GOD Almighty through Christ Jesus our LORD and master. There is nothing better than that on earth.

The power in accepting Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior

Through Jesus are able to receive again. He is the way, the truth and the Life we all looking for. When Jesus becomes our personal master, our live changes. The desired behaviors leave us, we become new in Christ Jesus.

Therefore Twelvegates works with religious leaders to empower young people with the word of God, teach them biblical ways of life.

The Joy Of the Lord Is Our Strength

God loves us so much and He will never leave us alone. For with Him all things are possible.