Volunteering Program

Work with us

What you need you know

We have an application based admissions process for individual volunteers. It helps us better understand who you are and how best to place you. We take into consideration our current needs, your interest, skills, work and missions experience.

list of our current volunteer needs.

  1. Graphics and Web Designer
  2. Mobile Application Developers.
  3. Business Trainers
  4. Engineers
  5. Medical Professionals and Practitioners
  6. Photographer
  7. Producer / Editor
  8. Special Needs Teacher
  9. Speech / Oral Therapist
  10. TGF Fundraiser
  11. Clinical Psychologists
  12. Music Teacher
  13. Voice, Dance, Media, Sound+Tech, Songwriter, Music Producer

What to do when a volunteered is approved.

Approved volunteers, you can begin fund-raising for your trip, please contact us and inquire about how to proceed with your travel.

Thanks. God bless you.